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Sensor device development from layout to production

Our technology keeps the best divers in the world alive. IMAX™ underwater 2D and 3D filming takes world-class controllers. Our devices are battle tested and proven.

Advanced Technologies

Our expertise is in the design and development of crafty, efficient, intelligent devices. We specialize in gas sensing technologies for both ambient and hyperbaric applications.

Product Design

We combine the best user experience with the lowest cost technologies to deliver compelling devices. Efficient designs and power management deliver unprecedented battery life and usability.

What we do


Board design, layout, circuit design, modeling, firmware development.


Gas sensing, real-time measurement and controls, ergonomic inputs, optimized power supplies, device communication.


Rebreather controller and secondary, ambient gas sensing devices.

Proprietary technologies

We develop and invent new and innovative solutions to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of our devices.


Patents held on rebreather controller systems and design, as well as O2 sensor technologies.

Scientific Engineering

BS/MS Physics, subject-matter expert in gas sensing technologies and microcontroller-based designs.

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1278 Glenneyre Street,

Laguna Beach, California,


Phone: +1(949) 497-7844

Email: dave@lagunaresearch.com